Take It With You

Discipleship isn't just about what happens on Sundays. It's also about what happens the rest of the week.

To help weave the Gospel into every facet of our lives, this page is updated each week with Catechism and worship resources, small group questions for reflection on the previous Sunday's sermon, info on upcoming church gatherings, and more.

Catechism Question/Answer & Scripture

Sunday Sermon & 
Small Group Questions

Text -- Psalm 100:1-5

1. Do you find yourself anticipating corporate worship with your fellow believers? Do you feel it is something you need to prepare your heart to experience? Why or why not?

2. In what area do you find it most difficult to present a sacrificial gift of worship to God -- in your joy, your obedience, or your gratitude -- and why?

3. What is holding you back from living a life marked by joy, gratitude, and complete submission in response to the goodness of God? What has taken His place as the object of your worship?

Unified Worship Service

Sunday, May 28th
@ 10:15am in the Family Life Center

Join us for worship and discipleship! Sunday School classes also meet across campus at 9:10am.

Want more information on this event, or other classes, ministries, or events at GBC? Get in touch with us!

Worship Song of the Week