Take It With You

Discipleship isn't just about what happens on Sundays. It's also about what happens the rest of the week.

To help weave the Gospel into every facet of our lives, this page is updated each week with Catechism and worship resources, small group questions for reflection on the previous Sunday's sermon, info on upcoming church gatherings, and more.

Catechism Question/Answer & Scripture

1 Peter 1:10-12
Pastor Kent Smith

Sermon Application Questions:

-How does seeing Christ woven throughout all of Scripture impact the way you view the Old Testament in particular?

-How should understanding, from 1 Peter 1:10-12, that the Holy Spirit that worked through the prophets is now at work in the proclamation of the gospel shape the way we do evangelism in our lives? How confidently should we share?

-The prophets 'searched and inquired' the Scriptures to know about Christ, so certainly we should as well. How has your time in the Bible been? How could you become more consistent in study to know Christ better?

Unified Worship Service

Sunday Mornings
9am Sunday School
10:10am Service in the FLC

Join us for worship and discipleship!

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Worship Song of the Week

Be Thou My Vision
Norton Hall Band