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Discipleship isn't just about what happens on Sundays. It's also about what happens the rest of the week.

To help weave the Gospel into every facet of our lives, this page is updated each week with Catechism and worship resources, small group questions for reflection on the previous Sunday's sermon, info on upcoming church gatherings, and more.

Catechism Question/Answer & Scripture

Sunday Sermon & 
Small Group Questions

"Give Back"
Text: Acts 20:1-6

1. Think about Pastor Josh's challenge. Have you given yourself FULLY to God and to the course He has set you on, and to the ministry He has given you? Are you prepared to carry it to the finish line? What is holding you back from being able to do so?

2. "As Christians, we are "blessed in order to be a blessing" to others. In what areas of your life do you recognize this to be true? How can you "give back" in gratitude and obedience?

3. What else stuck out to you about this morning's passage? How did you hear God speaking directly to you? In what ways can you practically apply these biblical principles in your life to more closely follow Christ?

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